Classes & Events

Summer 2024 Children's Theatre Festival

Musical Theatre Workshop

July 26th

4:30 – 6:30PM

Columbia County Fairgrounds

July 25th & 26th


The Fairhouse at the Columbia County Fairgrounds

July 27th – 7:00PM

July 28th – 2:00PM

Chatham Middle School

August 1st & 2nd


Chatham Middle School

Columbia County Youth Theatre at The Ghent Playhouse

July 19th & 20th


The Ghent Playhouse

July 24th


The Ghent Playhouse

August 8th & 9th – 7:00PM

August 10th – 11:00AM

The Ghent Playhouse

CCYT offers various programs throughout the year. We offer spring and fall classes that focus on specific skills such as acting, improvisation, or vocal techniques. In addition, our summer musical theatre workshop is a comprehensive experience where students learn many aspects of theatre arts. Our Workshop classes culminate in performances through various mediums including live performances, music videos, and digital web series. Read more about our programs below.

Payment for CCYT classes is accepted by check and credit card. If paying by check, select offline payment when registering your student. Checks can be made out to CCYT and mailed to 45 Payn Ave, Chatham NY, 12037. Check payments are only accepted up to one week ahead of the class.

Registration is still open for our Playshop program!

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Ages 3-5

July 29 – August 2
9:00am – 11:00am

August 2nd at 10:30am

Our Programs

Summer Musical Theatre Workshop

Summer Musical Theatre Workshop students rehearse on the Columbia County Fairgrounds in Chatham, NY. They are divided by age into 5 classes with each class performing an age-appropriate musical. Performances take place on the Chatham High School stage, the Ghent Playhouse or on the fairgrounds. CCYT’s resident directors, choreographers, and vocal instructors are child-centered professionals who ensure that each student’s potential is reached. The program also serves students interested in technical theatre as well as older students interested in our intern program.


CCYT began the M. C. Smith Elementary School Drama Club program in 2012 with the support of CCYT donors, the school district, and various foundations. Students work with our directors in mounting an age-appropriate Broadway style musical. Sets, costumes, and scenic elements are provided by CCYT.


The Performance Company is a touring company of young students who perform in musicals, plays and reviews that educate,  inspire confidence and promote self-worth in young audiences. Participants receive training in acting, singing and dance.

Performance venues include local schools, book festivals, community gatherings and fundraisers.

Summer Workshop Intern Program

Interns take part in aspects of the program that support their interests and career goals. They work directly with the students and set design, or focus on technical theatre, social media, and video editing. Everyone pitches in when it comes to striking a show!

Learn more about our instructors and staff on our team page!

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